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What is the referral program?

It is a bonus program where Umuly members can make a certain amount of profit in return for their members' purchases and earnings by recommending Umuly and its services.

How does the referral program work?

A custom ref url is created by Umuly for the member. Each member can get the ref url address from the AccountSettings#bussiness-partner page. Due to its ref url structure, it can be used easily in every channel. It earns the amount determined from the earnings and expenses of each sub-member that the member adds to the system.

Can I follow the members I have included in the system with the referral program?

You can follow your members included in the system on AccountSettings#my-partner-references page, see their balance and start a private conversation.

How can I track my referral program earnings?

You can see your earnings from the referral program on the AccountSettings#balance page.

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